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Assessment Production Service:

Small Business Company & Owner Risk Profile

Get the elements necessary for a FICO Small Business Scoring Service (SBSS) Origination Score, used most often within the financial services industry. This consumer-commercial blended score uses D&B data elements from trade, firmographic, and public record.

Predictive Bankruptcy Risk- D&B Financial Stress Score (FSS)

The Financial Stress Score is designed to help you predict a business's potential for failure. It is designed to predict the likelihood that a company will obtain legal relief from creditors or cease operations without paying all creditors in full over the next 12 months. The score uses the full range of D&B information, including financials, comparative financial ratios, payment trends, public filings, demographic data and more.

Predictive Payment Risk- D&B Commercial Credit Score (CSS)

The Commercial Credit Score (CCS) predicts the likelihood of a business paying its bills in a severely delinquent manner (91 days or more past terms), obtaining legal relief from its creditors or ceasing operations without paying all creditors in full over the next 12 months. D&B defines severe delinquency as a business with at least 10% of its payments 91 days or more past due, based on the information in D&B's commercial database.

D&B Ratings & Trends

D&B Ratings & Trends provides the composite capital and Credit Rating assigned by D&B, along with the former rating, plus indicators of guarantees from parent companies, the historical background of the businesses officers and financing.

Predictive Bankruptcy & Payment Risk

Gain predictive payment insight to determine a supplier's future business standing. Indicators received include Commercial Credit Score (CSS), Financial Stress Score (FSS), Supplier Evaluation Risk (SER) Rating and Debarment indicator. An Enhanced version also includes a Performance Rating and Supplier Stability Indicator (SSI).

Predictive Global Payment Risk - D&B Emerging Market Mediation Alert Score (EMMA)

Assess risk in emerging markets with D&B's Emerging Market Mediation Alert (EMMA) Scores. Using all available commercial data on a company and applying judgemental modeling methodologies and local market expertise, EMMA scores weight potential risk. When sufficient data exists, an empirically-derived score will replace the EMMA Score.

D&B Supplier Evaluation Risk Rating

The Supplier Evaluation Risk (SER) Rating predicts the likelihood that a company will obtain legal relief from creditors or cease operations without paying creditors in full over the next 12 months. The enhanced D&B SER Rating provides visibility into the level of critical business intelligence available on a supplier, to assess risk proactively and with more precision.

D&B Total Loss Predictor

Total Loss Predictor identifies and quickly assesses companies with high risk of defaulting on their first payment, which could be for many reasons, including an inability, unwillingness, or intent to not pay. Using Total Loss Predictor, minimize your bad debt reserve and protect from the need to pursue collections from companies that can’t or won’t pay.

D&B Viability Rating

The D&B Viability Rating is a new evaluation tool that offers a comprehensive assessment of whether or not to do business with a company. Only the D&B Viability Rating combines the most comprehensive measures of risk to deliver a highly reliable rating, analyzing the current and future health of a business.

Batch Service:

On-Demand Multiple Entity Resolution

D&B Direct's On-Demand Multiple Entity Resolution service allows multiple product or feature requests to be submitted in a single asynchronous request. The results, once available, are then be retrieved using a separate operation.

Company Service:

On-Demand Entity Identification

Maintain a single, accurate view of your customer and prospect files across your multiple corporate applications* — including CRM, MDM, ERP, and AP. Whatever combination of mail, phone, or Web activities your company depends on. Decrease duplicates, returned mail, wrong numbers, bounced emails, and records missing information necessary for follow-up by just using the Match solution.

On-Demand Single Entity Resolution

Cleanse your records with address standardization and entity resolution features. Then use our match technology to identify duplicates, correct company data, and enrich your existing records with information from D&B's largest commercial database.

On-Demand Address Cleanse & Update

Optimize company information with address standardization and entity resolution features that produce machine sortable mailing addresses for accurate and quick delivery.

Search-Suits, Liens, Judgments & Bankruptcies

Search for public record filings two ways either using a name or partial name of an organization, encoded filing type(s), and U.S. country code or by filing office lookup. Additional filters include case-sensitive filing location state abbreviations, filing date range and or role(s) and the option to exclude closed filings.

Search: Fraud

Assess the likelihood of the risk of fraud in new credit application processing with D&B statistically-based screening service.

Contact Product Service:


Find new business with the largest business contact database. Identify sales leads that match your target criteria. Get contact and segmentation data to analyze opportunity, and market and sell effectively.

Entity List Service:

Search & Build-a-List: Company

Target the right companies to fill your pipeline quickly. Search for a list of companies that best match your criteria, including industry, size, geography, and more.

Search & Build-a-List: Contacts

Find new business and identify sales leads by building your own list of professional contacts and companies that meet your search critera, with the largest business contact database.

Search / Lookup Company

Search in the largest commercial database for company information.

Search / Lookup Contacts

Search in the largest business contacts database for a contacts.

Find Competitors

Not on pricing.

Find Industry Codes

Not on pricing.

Financial Product Service:

Financial Statements

Get the latest comprehensive financial information to evaluate a company's financial strength with data on sales, revenue, assets, liabilities, predictive analytics on future performance and more. Financial Statement product is more comprehensive and is more up to date than the Financial Highlights product.

Financial Highlights

Get the latest comprehensive financial highlights to evaluate a company's financial strengths. Financial Highlight product is recommended for marketing and sales needs.

Firmographic Product Service:

Detailed Company Profile

Enrich your records with detailed company data to over 228 million companies in the D&B database. Create more targeted campaign messaging, profile customers to find similar prospects. Recommend Detailed Company Profile for sales and marketing uses, for those needing company information for credit risk or business verification the Alternative Detailed Company Profile would be a better fit.

Alternative Detailed Company Profile

Enrich your records with detailed company data to over 228 million companies in the D&B database to deliver more precise insight for new and existing account decisions. The Alternative Detailed Company Profile product provides the absolute latest DUNS updates and new DUNS information. Highly recommend Alternative Detailed Company Profile instead of the Detailed Company Profile if using for credit, risk, or business verifications purposes.

Diversity Indicators

Meet diversity goals with access to the leading source of data, collected from over 400 sources. D&B's database has over 5.3 million socio-economic classifications and 20 million small business indicators to find qualified suppliers that meet your needs.

USA Patriot Act Plus

Get access to the corporate information you need to ensure compliance with the USA Patriot Act and to assess Anti-Money Laundering (AML) risk, including the chief executive name, age, company size, line of business, public filings and controlling interest ownership.

Industry Product Service:

Research: Industry

Get right to the industry insights, analysis, statistics and forecasts to help your engage key prospects and clients, and deepen customer relationships. Find critical information on more than 900 industry segments, including key companies, trends, challenges, and opportunities.

Research: State / Province

Get industry and economic insight, employment and real estate trends, and valuable resource links for each of the 50 U.S. states, Washington D.C., and 10 Canadian Provinces.

Investigation Service:


Identify and authenticate entities conducting business with your company to ensure they are who they say they are. Investigation product provides a service for requesting investigations in order to obtain the most recent information on a business or entity.

Linkage Product Service:

Corporate Linkage

Linkage provides a family tree overview of branches, divisions, and subsidiaries to explore new cross-sell opportunities among existing customers. Without expensive and time-consuming research. Using more than 3 million corporate families, compiled from more than 14 million linked companies. Collected from SEC filings, company websites, and direct contact, D&B offers the largest and most accurate corporate family trees anywhere.

News and Media:

News and Social Media

Know that you are getting the most recent news and accurate social media updates about a company - the DUNS numbers ensures that get updates from the correct social media handles tied to that particular company.

Public Records:


Obtain detailed information on suits filed against a business, including who filed the suit, when, in which court and in what dollar amount.


Get detailed information on liens, including who filed the lien, when, in which court, in what dollar amount, and outcome.


Get detailed information on judgements, including who filed the lien, when, in which court, in what dollar amount, and the outcome.

UCC Filings

Receive UCC information on U.S. businesses, including details of any UCC’s filed on a business, who filed the UCC, when, and in which office.

Business Registrations

Pinpoint the most current business registration information for any company.

Corporate Entity Type & Ownership

Get detailed information to help understand the legal structure, ownership, and filing requirements of any business.

Suits, Liens, Judgments & Bankruptcies: Details

Get detailed information on suits, liens, judgments, Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings, bankruptcies and business registrations nationwide. It's a comprehensive source of critical information that delivers value for a variety of market segments, functions, and applications.

Report Product:

Business Information Report

Leverage D&B's Business Information Reports to determine a company's profitability, stability, and payment performance. Get critical data for credit management, marketing, underwriting, legal and purchasing - including corporate relationships, payment history, financials, public filings, and D&B predictive financial ratings.

Comprehensive Report

D&B's Comprehensive Report is D&B's most complete risk management report, designed to help you assess new and existing business relationships where the large-dollar and/or long-term nature of the commitment pose a significant risk or opportunity to your business.

Compact Report

D&B's Compact Report provides concise information for making decisions fast. Three years financial comparisons, D&B Rating and a 'maximum credit recommendation' are included to help you set credit limits.

Business Background Report

D&B's Business Background Report provides information to help you when you need to know about the operations of a company, its history and business background of its management.

Market Analysis Report

Get relevant detailed market analysis for specified companies. The Market Analysis report is provided by Morningstar market. Please note not all companies have reports.

Country Risk Report

D&B Country Report provides key economic, commercial and political information that can help you assess the risk of doing business in a specific country before you trade, invest or extend credit to local companies.

Country Risk Insight Report

D&B Country Risk Insight Report offers a unique profile of the general business climate, typical terms and trading conditions in a specific country. It is of particular value when you need a concise reference on a nation where you are currently doing business, or planning to expand to in the future.

SBRI Product:

Small Business Risk Insight

The D&B Small Business Risk Insight™ (SBRI) provides lending institutions a comprehensive view of a small business' total risk and exposure. D&B collects and consolidates data on small businesses from financial institutions in the loan, credit card, and leasing industries. D&B SBRI Enhanced also identifies individuals or entities that have guaranteed the financial obligation —including a business principal, commercial entity, or government guarantor relationship.

Search: Small Business Risk Insight

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Trade Detail Product Service:

Payment Information & Paydex

Current Risk / Trade Payment allows you to better track supplier trade experiences and payment information between a specific supplier and purchasing company as well as by credit range and specific supplier industry. Easily identify and prioritize the accounts requiring more or less aggressive collection techniques, calibrate credit limits, align your most experienced associates with the highest risk accounts, change contract terms or exit a relationship where appropriate.

Payment information Detail

Get Detailed Trade Risk Insight which provides a direct view into a company's recent payment behavior at a granular level to help quickly identify risk and opportunities within a customer portfolio.

Transactional Mini-Batch Service:

On-Demand Multiple Entity Resolution (Synchronous)

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