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Financial Solutions:

Deal-Making Due Diligence

Identify, screen and negotiate the best new deals for your business.

Credit Portfolio Management

Identify opportunities to loosen credit, grow revenue, tighten credit and minimize bad debt.

Collections Prioritization

Automatically identify the riskiest customers and those who pay timely.

Integrated Financial Decision-Making

Synchronize flow of information across your financial systems for smarter & faster decisions.

Operations Solutions:

Source Cost Optimization

Identify cost efficiencies in your supply base with insight into low-cost, stable sources of procurement.

Supplier & Distributor Performance

Maintain diligence and transparency of supplier and distributor performance.

Regulatory Compliance Management

Avoid non-compliance regulatory fines and penalties with unparalleled insight.

Order Management Optimization

Improve cash flow with a proactive, efficient and effective process.

Supply Chain Risk Mitigation

Reduce and more effectively manage financial, operational, regulatory and reputational risk across your supply chain to profitably grow your business.

Master Data Management

Drive better business results from your MDM by streaming a single, comprehensive view of prospects, customers, suppliers, partners and more across your enterprise.

Marketing Solutions:

Segmentation & Targeting Optimization

Find the best new prospects and opportunities in current accounts.

Advanced Marketing Automation & Nurture

Utilize intelligence to improve the buyer experience.

Social & Digital Intelligence

Leverage buyers' online footprint to market and sell smarter.

Lead Form Optimization

Improve B2B lead completion, intelligence, and routing.

Website Visitor ID

Customize your visitors' experience in real-time and understand your digital visitor base.

Sales Solutions:

Territory Management

Improve resource allocation to improve sales effectiveness & buyer satisfaction.

Buyer & Influencer Mapping

Accelerate and close deals with intelligence on key decision-makers.

Buyer Activity Notifications

Better service and grow accounts by streamlining information sharing.

Sales Rep Knowledge Center

Get all the insights you need to build stronger relationships.

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