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Supplier & Distributor Performance

Keep on top of supplier and distributor performance

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Spend less time tracking and evaluating supply and delivery performance

Leverage accurate and complete company information to stay on top of supplier and distributor performance

Quickly identify corporate relationships among suppliers and distributors

Effectively measure performance of suppliers and distributors over time within your SCM application

Example Workflow

supplier and distributor performance
1Pull a supplier record from your database and connect to D&B Direct to match against D&B's 250M company records
2Enhance your records with the latest company data such as risk scores, financials, payment ratings, and competitors
3Effectively measure and evaluate suppliers and distributors performance over time all within your SCM application

Recommended D&B Direct Products for Supplier & Distributor Performance

Predictive Bankruptcy & Payment Risk

Gain predictive payment insight to determine a supplier's future business standing. Indicators received include Commercial Credit Score (CSS), Financial Stress Score (FSS), Supplier Evaluation Risk (SER), and debarment indicator.

Financial Statements

Get the latest comprehensive financial information to evaluate a company's fiscal strength. Access data on sales, revenue, assets, and liabilities, plus predictive analytics on future performance and more.

Detailed Company Profile

Enrich your records with detailed data on more than 250 million companies. The D&B database allows you to deliver precise insight to support new and existing account decisions.

Search & Build-a-List: Company

Target the right companies to fill your pipeline quickly. Search for a list of companies that best match your criteria, including industry, size, geography, and more.

Search & Build-a-List: Contacts

Find new business and identify sales leads by building a list of professional contacts (and their affiliated companies) using your own search criteria and the largest business contact database.

Corporate Linkage

Linkage provides a family tree overview of branches, divisions, and subsidiaries without the expensive and time-consuming research. D&B offers the largest and most accurate database of corporate family trees.

On-Demand Single Entity Resolution

Cleanse your records with address standardization and entity resolution features. Then use D&B match technology to identify duplicates, correct company data, and enrich your existing records.

Suits, Liens, Judgments & Bankruptcies: Details

Access a comprehensive source of critical, detailed information on US suits, liens, judgments, Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings, bankruptcies, and business registrations.

Diversity Indicators

Meet diversity goals with access to the leading source of data, collected from over 400 sources. D&B's database has over 5.3 million socio-economic classifications and 20 million small business indicators to find qualified suppliers that meet your needs.

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