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Source Cost Optimization

Improve cost efficiencies in your supply base by identifying low-cost yet stable sources for procurement

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Assess the financial, legal, and ownership position of suppliers from your SCM solutions

Provide a cost efficient method to consolidate, screen, and evaluate current and new suppliers

Find a clear way to access supplier relationships to better negotiate contracts

Select and monitor the best portfolio of global vendors to avoid disruption

Example Workflow

source cost optimization
1Pull a supplier record from your database or application and connect to D&B Direct to match against D&B's 250M company records
2Pull the latest detailed company insights such as risk, financial, and competitors
3Develop processes to screen for risks and evaluate current and potential suppliers
4Provide a clear view of certified suppliers to optimize supply cost efficiencies all within your SCM

Recommended D&B Direct Products for Source Cost Optimization

Predictive Bankruptcy & Payment Risk

Gain predictive payment insight to determine a supplier's future business standing. Indicators received include Commercial Credit Score (CSS), Financial Stress Score (FSS), Supplier Evaluation Risk (SER), and debarment indicator.

Predictive Global Payment Risk - D&B Emerging Market Mediation Alert (EMMA) Score

Assess risk in emerging markets with D&B's EMMA Scores. Using all available commercial data on a company, EMMA Scores weigh potential risk by applying judgmental modeling methodologies and local market expertise.

Detailed Company Profile

Enrich your records with detailed data on more than 250 million companies. The D&B database allows you to deliver precise insight to support new and existing account decisions.

D&B Country Risk Report

D&B Country Report provides key economic, commercial, and political information on a specific country, helping you to assess risk before engaging in trade, investment, or credit transactions with local companies.

Suits, Liens, Judgments & Bankruptcies: Details

Access a comprehensive source of critical, detailed information on US suits, liens, judgments, Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings, bankruptcies, and business registrations.

Payment Information & Paydex

Improve tracking of trade experience and payment data. Monitor transactions between a specific supplier and purchaser, or track companies within a certain credit range.

Corporate Entity Type & Ownership

Access detailed information that facilitates an understanding of the legal structure, ownership, and filing requirements of any business.

Diversity Indicators

Meet diversity goals with access to the leading source of data, collected from over 400 sources. D&B's database has over 5.3 million socio-economic classifications and 20 million small business indicators to find qualified suppliers that meet your needs.

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