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D&B Visitor Industries
D&B Visits by Region
  • North America67%
  • Europe15%
  • Asia10%
  • South America5%
  • Africa2%
  • Oceania1%
We've captured meaningful data about our visitors.
You can too.
Increase Web Conversions in Real Time
Web Visitor ID identifies who comes to your website,
giving you everything you need to move your visitor
from prospect to valued customer.
Display Real-Time
Personalized Content
Customize the digital experience of your web visitors to drive engagement. The more personalized and relevant their experience becomes, the more likely they are to transform from “eyeballs” into solid leads.
Understand & Segment Your Web Visitors
Gain instant access to company information of your most important visitors – such as business name, industry, geography and more – giving you a laser-sharp focus into which target segments to invest your marketing dollars.
How Web Visitor ID Helps
We focus on the visitor, not the visit

Most web analytics programs track behavior, providing limited information on the visitor’s respective organization.

We profile your visitors in real-time with data from our global database

In partnership with Profound Networks*, we match Dun & Bradstreet’s D-U-N-S® Number to identifier information of your visitor’s organization to provide an in-depth business view that’s unparalleled.

We return over 20 data fields for each visitor profile

Once you gain a rich understanding of your visitors, you can not only serve content that’s relevant to them, but you have the foundational data to target your highest impact segments.

The best part? It all happens in milliseconds.
What Exactly Can You
Discover About a Visitor?

When you match an inbound lead against D&B's global database of 250 million records, you can build a real-time visitor profile with useful information that can be used in limitless ways.

Here are some examples of how that information can be used to your advantage:

Top Visiting Industries

Is it tech, healthcare, government, or education? When you understand the primary industry verticals you’re attracting, you know how to personalize your outgoing messages.

Most Frequent Commercial Visitors

If you’re getting multiple visits from a single company, there’s probably a reason. Sounds like the perfect opportunity to reach out to them with unique content.

Fortune 1000 Visitors

These are the customers that would really make a difference to your business. With Dun & Bradstreet, you can call them out by name.

Number of Employees

A mom-and-pop shop is much more casual than an enterprise. Make sure you’re speaking the right language.

Annual Sales

Before you spend a lot of your marketing dollars on a visitor to your site, make sure THEY have the dollars to be worth it.

We partner with top providers to give you the best data quality.

*Profound Networks is a D&B Data Exchange™ partner that employs a proprietary process to develop and maintain a comprehensive database of IP addresses on the global internet. Applying the D‑U‑N‑S® Number to Profound's Digital Business Intelligence dataset helps you identify firms with a growing digital footprint.

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The content in the map above is based on historical hoovers.com traffic. Hoovers is a D&B company.