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Social & Digital Intelligence

Leverage buyers' online footprints to market & sell better

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Enhance buyer understanding to uncover unmet needs

Reveal buyer behavior and patterns to capitalize on new opportunities

Leverage untapped social and digital intelligence for better targeting

Improve lead scoring propensity to buy models

Example Workflow

social and digital intelligence
1D&B collects social data directly from the company’s official social page
2Connect to D&B Direct to combine social data with D&B business intelligence and integrate into your application or database
3Better understand buyer behavior and patterns to effectively drive higher sales

Recommended D&B Direct Products for Social & Digital Intelligence

Detailed Company Profile

Enrich your records with detailed data on more than 250 million companies. The D&B database allows you to deliver precise insight to support new and existing account decisions.

On-Demand Single Entity Resolution

Cleanse your records with address standardization and entity resolution features. Then use D&B match technology to identify duplicates, correct company data, and enrich your existing records.

Corporate Linkage

Linkage provides a family tree overview of branches, divisions, and subsidiaries without the expensive and time-consuming research. D&B offers the largest and most accurate database of corporate family trees.

News & Social Media

Know you're getting the most recent news and social media updates about a company. DUNS numbers ensure you're receiving updates from the correct social media channels tied to that particular company.

Search & Build-a-List: Company

Target the right companies to fill your pipeline quickly. Search for a list of companies that best match your criteria, including industry, size, geography, and more.


Profound Networks maintains a database of more than 3 billion routable IP addresses, refreshed quarterly. In addition, we classify 200 million domains (unique websites) and 1 billion corporate subdomains, capturing network growth, changes to website status (e.g. from 'Parked Domain' to 'New Business Website') and a wide range of technographic data on installed software and services.

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