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Segmentation & Targeting Optimization

Find the best new prospects and opportunities in current accounts

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Get value out of leads by segmenting, targeting, and ensuring territory management on new opportunities

Leverage accurate and complete company & contact info and predictive analytics to identify the highest likely to buy candidates

Accurately model your best customers to find more like them

Provide your sales force a seamless experience by adding the value directly into your applications

Example Workflow

predictive segmentation
1Connect to D&B Direct using D&B 250M company records and build a targeted list of companies based on different types of segmentation
2Leverage company, contacts, and social data to uncover new targets
3Find the best new prospects and integrate seamlessly into your database or application

Recommended D&B Direct Products for Segmentation & Targeting Optimization

Search & Build-a-List: Company

Target the right companies to fill your pipeline quickly. Search for a list of companies that best match your criteria, including industry, size, geography, and more.

On-Demand Single Entity Resolution

Cleanse your records with address standardization and entity resolution features. Then use D&B match technology to identify duplicates, correct company data, and enrich your existing records.

Search & Build-a-List: Contacts

Find new business and identify sales leads by building a list of professional contacts (and their affiliated companies) using your own search criteria and the largest business contact database.

Corporate Linkage

Linkage provides a family tree overview of branches, divisions, and subsidiaries without the expensive and time-consuming research. D&B offers the largest and most accurate database of corporate family trees.

Detailed Company Profile

Enrich your records with detailed data on more than 250 million companies. The D&B database allows you to deliver precise insight to support new and existing account decisions.

Financial Highlights

Get the latest comprehensive financial highlights, including sales volumes, net worth, assets, and liabilities. Financial Highlights allow sales and marketing professionals to quickly evaluate a company's financial strengths.

Research (Industry)

Gain direct access to industry insight, analysis, statistics, and forecasts to help your team engage key prospects and deepen existing customer relationships. Find critical information on more than 900 industry segments.

D&B Ratings & Trends

D&B Ratings & Trends provides the composite capital and Credit Rating assigned by D&B, along with the former rating, plus indicators of guarantees from parent companies.

News & Social Media

Know you're getting the most recent news and social media updates about a company. DUNS numbers ensure you're receiving updates from the correct social media channels tied to that particular company.

Data Exchange

The D&B Data Exchange is an innovative, cloud-based solution leveraging D&B's proprietary DUNSRight™ matching technology linking partner data from unique vertical datasets.

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