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Short is the new tall

9 out of 10 people prefer shorter forms. The 10th person got stuck in traffic. Who's got time to fill out forms? Delight your leads with shorter forms, and they will love you back by taking the few seconds needed to fill out your form.

Less is more

Get more with fewer fields! With just four fields we can enrich submissions with a complete buyer intelligence profile to help you build accurate records, identify the right prospects and increase conversion rates.

No Form Left Behind

Join us in our quest to make this world a better place by making sure no form ever gets ignored. You worked hard to get your form in front of potential clients. Don't let that form be abandoned now.

We've got you covered!

Patented entity match technology

Our patented Entity Match technology means matching more than 90% of your prospects and providing you with a complete company profile. Know who your customers are and make informed business decisions – with confidence!

D-U-N-S Right

D&B is the most trusted provider of quality data. We collect data from over 30,000 sources and use our DUNSRight Quality Process to ensure unrivaled accuracy.

Global is in

The world's largest commercial database – that's us. With us you will have access to more than 235+ million companies and our extensive global coverage.

What you want. Where you want it.

More data = more insight

Don't stop at just getting a basic company profile with your leads. Gain a full perspective by enriching them with D&B's trusted insights enabling better decisions and enhanced lead scoring.

Fresh and clean

Integrate our data into your marketing automation system to cleanse and enrich your leads at the point of entry allowing better segmentation and targeting for conversion. Keep your leads fresh with our real-time push monitoring updates.

Deploy anywhere in seconds

Our flexible deployment options means having your hosted lead form up and running faster than ever. We make deployment simple.


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