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How to Leverage Big Data for Better Customer Insights

D&B Chief Data Officer Paul Ballew explores how businesses can leverage Big Data to glean key customer insight. Paul's talk examines the challenges of harnessing data and the key components of a successful Big Data strategy.

Slaying the Elusive Data Quality Dragon

Superior business intelligence is a critical driver of successful strategies and processes at every customer touch point. Get the facts on data quality best practices and learn how a few of D&B's customers have implemented solutions to address the challenge of data quality management.

How to Turn Big Data into Big Insight

D&B Chief Data Officer Paul Ballew discusses some of the exciting ways your business can leverage your own customer data and integrate with new sources of data to gain insights that give your company a unique competitive advantage. This presentation explores the big data opportunity and its related challenges, as well as how predictive analytics can help you turn big data into big insight.

Understand Customers by Integrating Real-Time Business Data

Today's marketplace is more challenging than ever. Customers are more knowledgeable, have a myriad of options, and they’re under pressure to keep margins strong. This whitepaper explains some tools and strategies to perform in-depth customer analyses that will yield actionable insights.

D&B Direct 2.0 Fact Sheet

By providing flexible integration and streaming of D&B’s commercial insights and predictive analytics, plus social, news, and other 3rd party data into your enterprise applications, D&B Direct helps fuel business growth.

D&B Direct 2.0 for Marketing

Know your best move with insight into growth opportunities, untapped market segments and market trends.

D&B Direct 2.0 for Sales and Services

Learn how D&B Direct 2.0 can help with territory management and account planning, buyer and influencer mapping, sales rep planning, and more to find the best new opportunities and turn them into profitable customer relationships.

Jason's Deli Case Study

D&B's best-in-class data has enabled Jason's Deli to perform company analytics, forecast sales, and make better-informed business decisions.

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