Marketing Optimization & Sales Acceleration

Most marketing strategies are looking to engage prospects with relevant content and enable a faster lead-to-customer conversion. Being able to identify companies that are actively growing and spending is key to these strategies.

Increase Conversion Rates

Leveraging behavioral intent data as you identify target accounts will result in less time spent filtering leads and more time getting agreements done with those who intend to buy.

Tailored Marketing and Sales Experience for Every Prospect

The ability to identify anonymous web visitors is great. Drawing deep insights on a visiting company’s growth, technology acquisitions, and a host of other relevant data points enables tailored messages and dynamic web content specific to each visitor.

Integration with Your Existing Platforms

Deeper insight can be gained as you leverage more of the varied data sets available on the Data Exchange platform, and with a D-U-N-S® Number to tie it all together, integrating with your existing data in any system or application is easy.

Supply Chain Risk Management

Minimizing risk in a supply chain is a challenge many companies need to overcome. The ability to not only find all the data and insights needed on vendors, but to do so from a centralized location is the first step to success.

Unified View of All Vendor Information

Improve vendor selection with Dun & Bradstreet’s unique financial risk insights, as well as data on your vendors' supply chain.

Risk Analytics

Identifying risk is a major challenge when selecting new vendors, particularly when working on a global scale. Having import/export data related to a global supply chain can help to identify risk when working with vendors that source parts internationally.

Respond to Change Rapidly

Corporate linkage information can help to quickly discover new vendors associated with ones you already trust. Adding rich insights such as supplier credit and financial risk indicators can enable powerful tools for evaluation and negotiating.

Discover Rich Industry Data

With such a diverse landscape of industries across the B2B world the data and insights leveraged for interactions between companies are just as varied.

Clear Picture of Corporate Relationships

Identifying relationships and hierarchies between corporations along with sales intelligence and triggers to know when to engage will help when doing business with new entities.

Single Source for Research

For B2B interactions of any kind such as needing to raise funds or identifying spending profiles of prospective customers, going to the same place for your insights becomes a time and cost saver.

Deep Industry Specific Data

The extensive reach of the Data Exchange platform ensures that any relevant data can be researched. From agriculture data to the count of beds in a hospital, the breadth of the DX program is already extensive and continues to grow.

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