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Comprehensive database of agriculture data

US Farm Data has the most comprehensive database on the market for reaching Farmers and Ranchers throughout the United States. US Farm Data offers database marketing, email marketing, web marketing and mobile app marketing to get information on the farm community and well as the best prospects for your business.

Data at a Glance

US Farm Data has a database of over 2.5 Million Farmers and Ranchers in the U.S.

  • Crops, Acres and Livestock information.
  • Nearly 200 unique fields covering key information and details on U.S. farms including:
    • Geography
    • Acreage by crop type
    • Number of livestock
    • Farm ownership type

Sample Use Cases

Predictive Targeting

Identify growing farms and ranches by size, acreage, number of livestock to determine propensity to buy.

Lead Enrichment

More accurate lead scoring by appending missing fields and correcting out of date or incorrect fields. Improved lead routing based upon Dun & Bradstreet firmographics and company linkage.

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