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Comprehensive database of every routable IP address on the global Internet

Profound Networks compiles a comprehensive database of every routable IP address on the global Internet. Profound data on corporate network and website infrastructure uncovers the digital footprint of global businesses across multiple domains and locations. Profound contains detailed information on how firms use cloud computing services, how fast their networks are growing, and who provides their online services (Hosting, Email, SaaS, etc.). Profound Networks provides global digital business intelligence to empower companies to advance segmentation capabilities, create competitive campaigns, enhance predictive analytics capabilities and more.
D&B and Profound Networks’ collective expertise delivers the critical firmagraphic and digital footprint insights on companies to drive business success.

Data at a Glance

Profound Networks maintains a database of more than 3 billion routable IP addresses.

  • 200 million domains (unique websites)
  • 1 billion corporate subdomains, capturing network growth, changes to website status (e.g. from ‘Parked Domain’ to ‘New Business Website’)
  • Techno-graphic data on installed software and services.

Sample Use Cases

Digitial Optimization

Increased conversion by focusing sales resources on high-potential prospects by understanding IT infrastructure changes over time.

Predictive & AD Targeting

Comparison of digital vs. physical snapshots of a business to achieve a comprehensive 360° view and more precision to digital ad programs with deterministic audience data.

Lead Enrichment

More accurate lead scoring by appending missing fields and correcting out of date or incorrect fields. Improved lead routing based upon Dun & Bradstreet firmographics and company linkage.

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