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Comprehensive database of business, financial and energy intelligence

Oxxford IT/UCIS (Information Technology/Utility Customer Information Services) is an industry leader in advanced information technology and analytics. Oxxford helps business in energy, banking, insurance and financial services verticals by providing information on U.S. business that are critical to their top and bottom line performance.

Data at a Glance

Oxxford builds its database and models from hundreds of sources of government data, public filings, licensed, and proprietary datasets. Banking data is modeled based upon financial data from the IRS and other agencies and has been adjusted for growth and geographic variations. Utility data is modeled using actual data covering two million commercial enterprises. ERISA data is collected from annual Form 5500 pensions and benefits filings made with the Department of Labor.

Sample Use Cases

Prospect Segmentation

Improved targeting based on cash and deposits, location, energy classification or risk profiles.

Customer Segmentation

Improved targeting based on upsell/cross-sell opportunities, share of wallet analysis, energy needs and classification, and risk variables.

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