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Comprehensive database of U.S. manufacturing data

NetWise Data, formerly known as Industrial Interface, has built an application ecosystem around our dataset, and all data is available via API to external developers. The datasets are available for regional manufacturers, international OEMs, economic development groups, and the U.S. Government. The NetWise Data team is comprised of manufacturing industry experts and computer scientists specializing in Natural Language Processing and data extraction on large and complex datasets. Data is compiled from dozens of sources, including open datasets, online information, and partnerships with complementary data companies.

Data at a Glance

NetWise Data collects information on:

  • 32 standardized industries. (e.g. Aerospace, Automation, Electrical, etc.)
  • 500,000 Manufacturers, Suppliers, & Distributors
  • 25 Million Industrial Products
  • 66 of the most common manufacturing related certifications
  • U.S. Government NSNs, RFPs, RFQs, & Awards

Sample Use Cases

Predictive Targeting

Comprehensive models to determine market share and business opportunities in the manufacturing industry, and share-of-wallet and propensity-to-buy.

Lead Enrichment

More accurate lead scoring by appending missing fields and correcting out of date or incorrect fields. Improved lead routing based upon Dun & Bradstreet firmographics and company linkage.

Supply Chain Security

Understanding and mitigating any Tier N risk across your entire healthcare supply chain.

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