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Transforming the internet into a structured database to create business insight

Dataprovider extracts data from more than 140 million websites in 40+ countries. Dataprovider collects contact information, details on e-commerce systems and payment solutions, and site registries. Dataprovider’s proprietary software indexes the web like a search engine. But, instead of just presenting search results, Dataprovider downloads up to 50 pages of each website enabling users to view and analyze the web as a searchable dataset.

Data at a Glance

Dataprovider collects contact information directly from company websites including phone number, physical address, and social media profiles.

In addition, Dataprovider provides details on e-commerce including shopping cart systems, payment methods, and SSL certification.

Website popularity, site traffic, and the site’s economic impact are estimated by Dataprovider.

Sample Use Cases

Lead Enrichment

Up to date information sourced directly from company websites including contacts, line of business, and social media profiles.

Technology Trending

Enhanced visibility on utilization of e-commerce solutions including shopping cart systems, accepted payment methods, and fulfillment & delivery partners.

Segmentation & Targeting

Enables classification of customers and prospects based on keywords that businesses use to describe themselves. Keywords improve accuracy of look-a-like and nearest neighbor models.

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