Dun & Bradstreet

Near Here Map

Near Here Map

Target Users

  • Mobile Sales and Marketing Professionals


  • Appointment cancellations
  • Identifying nearby prospects


  • Easier travel planning
  • Easier location based prospecting


Hoover's Near Here is a travel-ready, lead-generating iPhone app that helps you find, research and contact leads - Learn More. The D&B Direct API Near Here web app extends the power of the Hoover's Near Here mobile application to your enterprise sales tools.

Easier route planning, Easier implementation

Combine this basic visual mashup with the Advanced Search service to generate custom searches and display results unique to your industry or customized to individual sales professionals. This app is only the beginning.

There are 50+ criteria available in Advanced Search for use in your customized maps. Combine D&B searches with your own data and send your teams out with their own customized driving directions.

D&B Near Here web app makes it easier to integrate localized search results and route planning with your custom applications.




D&B is providing this sample code to illustrate example use cases applicable to D&B Direct and to demonstrate the technical capabilities of the D&B Direct API.

The sample code is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, express or implied. Although we've validated the work in various environments on our end, we cannot guarantee they will work on all system configurations and versions. Appropriate technical knowledge is required in order to use the sample code and we strongly recommend you test the code thoroughly before relying on it in any integration.

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