Dun & Bradstreet

Lead Form

Lead Form

Target Users

  • Marketers


  • Complex lead forms
  • Low completion rates
  • No lead scoring or routing


  • Easier lead forms
  • Better completion rates
  • Easier lead scoring and lead routing


One of the top uses of D&B Direct API is the integration of D&B business information with B2B leads. Imagine having D&B information appended to your prospect lists. What could you do with specific relevant business information in your lead management systems?

D&B makes it easier to manage prospect information by simplifying the capture of company information as part of leads, and extending the information available to append to leads.

Easier lead forms with better completion rates

Your prospects are more likely to complete a short and simple lead form. D&B makes it easier to shorten your lead forms by tying D&B company info to the lead. Have your prospects enter their company name, search D&B extensive database using the API and return a list of company results. Once your prospect selects their company, attach the DUNS Number to the record and there is no need for time-consuming address fields. All of that is available through D&B Direct API.


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D&B is providing this sample code to illustrate example use cases applicable to D&B Direct and to demonstrate the technical capabilities of the D&B Direct API.

The sample code is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, express or implied. Although we've validated the work in various environments on our end, we cannot guarantee they will work on all system configurations and versions. Appropriate technical knowledge is required in order to use the sample code and we strongly recommend you test the code thoroughly before relying on it in any integration.

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