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D&B Data Exchange Sampler

D&B Data Exchange Sampler

The D&B Data Exchange provides access to different types of data from our Exchange partners to provide additional insight and enrichment. Our partners offers a wealth and variety of data from health, social, sales to domain intelligence. Data Exchange partner data is available though the D&B Direct API. This demo showcases what our Data Exchange partners have to offer. Click here to learn more about Data Exchange.

Use Cases

When domain-specific data and insights are needed to complement D&B business information

Such as
  • Trade and commerce data
  • Domain intelligence data
  • Healthcare/Medical industry data
  • Sales intelligence data


  • Search by company or build-a-list
  • A clean single-page view of what our Data Exchange partners can offer


  • Data Exchange (various partners)
  • Company Search & Build-A-List




D&B is providing this sample code to illustrate example use cases applicable to D&B Direct and to demonstrate the technical capabilities of the D&B Direct API.

The sample code is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, express or implied. Although we've validated the work in various environments on our end, we cannot guarantee they will work on all system configurations and versions. Appropriate technical knowledge is required in order to use the sample code and we strongly recommend you test the code thoroughly before relying on it in any integration.

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