Known Issue

The following is an explanation of a known issue affecting REST JSON responses for the error codes CM002, CM004, SC001 and SC006.


The JSON response for four error codes (CM002, CM004, SC001 and SC006) has a format that is inconsistent with the documentation and samples provided. In certain circumstances, the initial entry in the response will improperly contain the XML namespace (see example). In addition, the second and third lines in the response should not be included.

The incorrect value will vary as it is based on the service providing the response, and will match the namespace referenced on the second line.

When this issue is resolved, the response will not contain these items.


Until further notice, it is recommended that developers include logic to accept both the correct and inproperly formatted JSON response. This will help ensure that applications will continue to function properly when the issue is resolved.


A corrective fix for this issue has been scheduled for an upcoming release. This page will be updated when the issue is resolved.

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