How to Retrieve Notification Profiles

Returns the Notification Profiles that match the criteria submitted with the request. If no criteria is specified, all active profiles will be returned.

A Notification Profile establishes the protocol by which change events should be delivered to customers, and references user preferences setup in the User Service. This is the PUSH component of the Data Field Monitoring feature.

Requirements & Options

There are several options available when implementing this D&B Direct feature.

1. Basic Retrieve: If a Profile ID (the value returned when a profile is created) is provided to the List operation, a single profile will be returned.

2. Search by Name: When a profile is created, a customer supplied name is assigned. Searching by the profile name (case-sensitive, no wildcards) is available.

3. User Preference: Filter the results by the providing the name (case-sensitive, no wildcards) of a user preference.

4. Delivery: Filter the results by deliver mode (Email, HTTPCalBack, MQOutput), frequency (Immediate, Hourly, Daily, Weekly) or format (XML).

5. Date Range: The results can be narrowed by supplying a start and end date range which is compared against the date a profile was created.

6. Stop Delivery: An option exists to disable notification delivery for a profile. Results can be filtered to include or exclude profiles that have been stopped.

7. Status Filter: Profiles that are assigned a status of "Cancelled" remain in the Monitoring system for 24 hours before being deleted. The results may be limited to a specific status.

8. Customer Reference Text: When a profile is created, a free form (240 character) field may be supplied. This field may be used in the List operation; however, it is case-sensitive and there are no wildcard options.

9. Sorting Results: By default, the results will be ascending by ???. Optionally, both the sort direction and a primary sort field can be designated on the request.

Sort field options include: DeliveryChannelUserPreferenceName, NotificationProfileID, NotificationProfileName, DeliveryMode, DeliveryFrequency, DeliveryFormat, StopDeliveryIndicator, NotificationProfileCreatedDate, NotificationProfileStatusText.

10. Pagination: Options exist to designate the maximum number of records per request, and the starting row number. The maximum number of records this feature will return on a single request is 1,000.

Business Elements

For each matching item, this feature will return the Notification Profile along with the date it was created.

Technical Specification

For details on how to access this feature, please refer to the Monitoring Service documentation.

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