Monitoring Service

Version 2.0 (API) / 4.1 (Service)


This D&B Direct service includes the following functionality. The respective SOAP and/or REST pages provide technical details including input parameters, responses and sample requests.

Title / Overview Link Operation / SOAP Resource / REST

Field Monitoring Setup

CreateMonitoringProfile() POST monitoring/monitoringprofiles
  UpdateMonitoringProfile() PUT monitoring/monitoringprofiles/{MonitoringProfileID}
  ListMonitoringProfile() GET monitoring/monitoringprofiles
Notification Setup (Push) CreateNotificationProfile() POST monitoring/notificationprofiles
  UpdateNotificationProfile() PUT monitoring/notificationprofiles/{NotificationProfileID}
  ListNotificationProfile() GET monitoring/notificationprofiles
Registration Maintenance AddMonitoringRegistration() POST monitoring/registrations
  UpdateMonitoringRegistration() PUT monitoring/registrations
  ListMonitoringRegistration() GET monitoring/registrations
Notification Retrieval (Pull) ListChangeNotice() GET monitoring/changenotices
  GetMonitoringProduct() GET monitoring/organizations/{DUNS}/products/{productID}

The Notification Profile functions (Create/Update/List) provide maintenance capabilities for the PUSH component of monitoring registrations. The setup of user preferences will be required prior to establishing notification profiles.

The Monitoring Profile functions (Create/Update/List) provide maintenance capabilities for the data field designation component of monitoring registrations.

The Monitoring Registration functions (Add/Update/List) link together Notification and Monitoring profiles with the specific D-U-N-S Numbers that will be monitored.

The List Change Notice function is the PULL component of monitoring registrations (level 1 and 2), allowing for access to change event details.

The Get Monitoring Product function is the PULL component of monitoring registrations (level 2 only), allowing for retrieval of data layers corresponding to change events.

Interfaces & Endpoints

D&B Direct implements version control at the web service level, in addition to the API level. This D&B Direct 2.0 {version} of the Monitoring Service is 4.1. When contacting D&B customer support, please provide both the API and Service version numbers. The following table(s) identify version-specific access points for the available API interfaces.


*There may be operations defined in the WSDL that are not available to D&B Direct customers at this time.

CreateMonitoringProfile() POST{version}/monitoring/monitoringprofiles
UpdateMonitoringProfile() PUT{version}/monitoring/monitoringprofiles/{MonitoringProfileID}
ListMonitoringProfile() GET{version}/monitoring/monitoringprofiles
CreateNotificationProfile() POST{version}/monitoring/notificationprofiles
UpdateNotificationProfile() PUT{version}/monitoring/notificationprofiles/{NotificationProfileID}
ListNotificationProfile() GET{version}/monitoring/notificationprofiles
AddMonitoringRegistration() POST{version}/monitoring/registrations
UpdateMonitoringRegistration() PUT{version}/monitoring/registrations
ListMonitoringRegistration() GET{version}/monitoring/registrations
ListChangeNotice() GET{version}/monitoring/changenotices
GetMonitoringProduct() GET{version}/monitoring/organizations/{DUNS}/products/{productID}

D&B Direct API calls must be made using Secured Socket Layers (SSL) as reflected in the preceding table(s).

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