Investigation Process

D&B Direct provides a service for requesting investigations in order to obtain the most recent information on a business. Successful investigations result in the creation (for companies not in the D&B database) or revision (for existing companies) of a D&B Business Information Report (BIR).

Requirements & Options

An investigation is appropriate under the following conditions: when the In Date status for a data or report product is Investigation Recommended or Out of Date; when a company search fails to return a suitable match; or when the most up-to-date information is required.

Investigations may be initiated either by providing the D-U-N-S Number of an organization or by providing its name and address. If both a D-U-N-S Number and name/address are submitted, an investigation will be performed based on the D-U-N-S Number

Optional telephone number and organization identification number (e.g. FEIN) parameters are available to provide additional information; however, these fields are not sufficient to initiate an investigation by themselves.

Multiple email addresses may be included with the request, and each will receive a notification email -- with the Business Information Report attached --when the investigation process is completed. A copy of the report is also stored in the Product Request Archive.

A D&B Fulfillment Specialist will perform research on the organization and collect up-to-date information. The following table provides the expected number of days that a regular investigation will be completed for each country.

Country Expected Days Customer Service Center
Abu Dhabi - UAE 6 D&B SAME
Admiralty Islands 10 Australia (Corre. Office)
Afghanistan 6 D&B North Africa
Ajman - UAE 6 D&B SAME
Alain 6 D&B SAME
Albania 4 Emerging Markets Center
Algeria 6 D&B North Africa
Andorra 3 Spain D&B
Angola 6 D&B North Africa
Anguilla 10 LABIC
Antarctica --- Not reported on by D&B
Antigua & Barbuda 10 LABIC
Argentina 7 Argentina D&B
Armenia 4 Emerging Markets Center
Aruba 10 LABIC
Ascension Islands 6 D&B North Africa
Australia 5 Australia D&B
Austria 3 Austria D&B
Azerbaijan 4 Emerging Markets Center
Azores 7 Portugal (Corre. Office)
Bahamas 10 LABIC
Bahrain 6 D&B SAME
Bangladesh 6 D&B SAME
Barbados 10 LABIC
Belgium 3 Belgium D&B
Belize 10 LABIC
Belorussia 4 Emerging Markets Center
Benin 6 D&B North Africa
Bermuda 10 LABIC
Bhutan 6 D&B SAME
Bolivia 10 LABIC
Bosnia Herzegovina 4 Emerging Markets Center
Botswana 5 TU ITC
Bouvet Island --- Not Reported on by D&B
Brazil 7 Brazil D&B
British Indian Ocean Territory --- Not Reported on by D&B
Brunei 10 Singapore (Corre. Office)
Bulgaria 4 Emerging Markets Center
Burkina Faso 6 D&B North Africa
Burma 10 Singapore (Corre. Office)
Burundi 6 D&B North Africa
Cambodia --- Not Reported on by D&B
Cameroon 6 D&B North Africa
Canada 7-10 Canada D&B
Cape Verde 6 D&B North Africa
Caroline Islands 10 Australia (Corre. Office)
Cayman Islands 10 LABIC
Central African Republic 6 D&B North Africa
Ceuta 7 Spain D&B
Chad 6 D&B North Africa
Chile 10 LABIC
China 10 China D&B
Christmas Islands 10 Australia (Corre. Office)
Colombia 10 LABIC
Cocos & Keeling Island --- Not Reported on by D&B
Comoros 6 D&B North Africa
Congo 6 D&B North Africa
Cook Islands 10 Australia (Corre. Office)
Costa Rica 10 LABIC
Croatia 4 Emerging Markets Center
Cuba --- Not Reported on by D&B
Cyprus 4 Emerging Markets Center
Czech 3 Czech D&B
Denmark 3 Denmark D&B
Djibouti 6 D&B North Africa
Dominica 10 LABIC
Dominican Republic 10 LABIC
Dubai 6 D&B SAME
East Timor 10 Singapore (Corre. Office)
Ecuador 10 LABIC
Egypt 6 D&B North Africa
El Salvador 10 LABIC
England 3 United Kingdom D&B
Equatorial Guinea 6 D&B North Africa
Eritrea 6 D&B North Africa
Estonia 4 Emerging Markets Center
Ethiopia 6 D&B North Africa
Falkland Islands 6 D&B North Africa
Faroe Islands 7 Denmark (Correspondent)
Fiji 10 Australia (Corre. Office)
Finland 3 Finland
Former Yugoslav Republic 4 Emerging Markets Center
France 3 France
French West Indies 7 France (Correspondent)
French Guyana 7 France (Correspondent)
French Southern Territory 7 France (Correspondent)
Friendly Isles 10 Australia (Corre. Office)
Furjairah - UAE 6 D&B SAME
Gabon 6 D&B North Africa
Gambia 6 D&B North Africa
Georgia 4 Emerging Markets Center
Germany 3 Germany D&B
Ghana 10 Emerging Markets Center
Gibraltar 4 Emerging Markets Center
Greece 7 Greece Alpha Mi
Greenland 7 Denmark (Correspondent)
Grenada 10 LABIC
Guadaloupe 7 France (Correspondent)
Guam 10 Australia (Corre. Office)
Guatemala 10 LABIC
Guinea 6 D&B North Africa
Guinea Bissau 6 D&B North Africa
Guyana 10 LABIC
Haiti 10 LABIC
Heard & McDonald --- Not Reported on by D&B
Honduras 10 LABIC
Hong Kong 7 Hong Kong D&B
Hungary 3 Hungary D&B
Iceland 4 Emerging Markets Center
India (356) 14 D&B SAME
Indonesia 10 Singapore (Corre. Office)
Iran 8 D&B SAME
Iraq 6 D&B SAME
Ireland Republic of 3 Ireland D&B
Israel 5 Israel D&B
Italy 3 Italy D&B
Ivory Coast 6 D&B North Africa
Jamaica 10 LABIC
Japan 5 Japan D&B
Jordan 6 D&B SAME
Kazakhstan 4 Emerging Markets Center
Kenya 6 D&B North Africa
Kirghizia 4 Emerging Markets Center
Kiribati 10 Australia (Corre. Office)
Korea, Democratic Peoples Republic (North) Not Reported on by D&B
Korea,Republic of (South) 10 Korea D&B
Kuwait 6 D&B SAME
Laos --- Not Reported on by D&B
Latvia 4 Emerging Markets Center
Lebanon 6 D&B SAME
Leichtenstein 3 Switzerland D&B
Lesotho 10 TU ITC
Liberia --- Not Reported on by D&B
Libya --- Not Reported on by D&B
Lithuania 4 Emerging Markets Center
Luxembourg 3 Belgium D&B
Macau 10 Hong Kong (Corre. Office)
Madagascar 6 D&B North Africa
Madeira 7 Portugal (Corre Office)
Malawi 6 D&B North Africa
Malaysia 7 Malaysia D&B
Maldives 6 D&B SAME
Mali 6 D&B North Africa
Malta 4 Emerging Markets Center
Marianas Islands 10 Australia (Corre. Office)
Marshall Islands 10 Australia (Corre. Office)
Martinique 7 France (Correspondent)
Mauritania 6 D&B North Africa
Mauritius 6 D&B North Africa
Mexico 7 Mexico D&B
Micronesia 10 Australia (Corre. Office)
Midway Islands(SX) 10 Australia (Corre. Office)
Moldova 4 Emerging Markets Center
Monaco 3 France D&B
Mongolia --- Not Reported on by D&B
Montserrat 10 LABIC
Morocco 6 D&B North Africa
Mozambique 6 D&B North Africa
N. Ireland 3 Northern Ireland D&B
Namibia 10 TU ITC
Nauru 10 Australia (Corre. Office)
Nepal 6 D&B SAME
Netherlands 3 Netherlands D&B
Netherlands Antilles 10 LABIC
New Caledonia 7 France (Correspondent)
New Zealand 5 New Zealand D&B
Nicaragua 10 LABIC
Niger 6 D&B North Africa
Nigeria 6 D&B North Africa
Norfolk Island 10 Australia (Corre. Office)
Northern Mariana Island 10 Australia (Corre. Office)
Norway 3 Norway D&B
Nuie Island --- Not Reported on by D&B
Oman 6 D&B SAME
Pakistan 14 D&B SAME
Palau Island 10 Australia (Corre. Office)
Palestine 10 Israel D&B
Panama 10 LABIC
Papua New Guinea 10 Australia (Corre. Office)
Paraguay 10 Argentina (Corre. Office)
Peru 7 Peru D&B
Philippines 10 Singapore (Corre. Office)
Pitcairn Island 10 Australia (Corre. Office)
Poland 3 Poland D&B
French Polynesia 7 France (Correspondent)
Portugal 3 Portugal D&B
Puerto Rico 3 United States D&B
Principe Sao Tome 10 Emerging Markets Center
Qatar 6 D&B SAME
Ras Al Khaimah - UAE 6 D&B SAME
Reunion Island 7 France (Correspondent)
Romania 4 Emerging Markets Center
Russian Federation 4 Russia D&B
Rwanda 6 D&B North Africa
Saint Helena 10 Emerging Markets Center
Saint Kitts & Nevis 10 LABIC
Saint Lucia 10 LABIC
Saint Pierre & Miquelon 7 France (Correspondent)
Saint Vincent 10 LABIC
American Samoa 10 Australia (Corre. Office)
Western Samoa 10 Australia (Corre. Office)
San Marino 3 Italy D&B
Saudi Arabia 6 D&B SAME
Scotland 3 United Kingdom D&B
Senegal 6 D&B North Africa
Serbia & Montenegro 4 Emerging Markets Center
Seychelles 6 D&B North Africa
Sharjah - UAE 6 D&B SAME
Sierra Leone 6 D&B North Africa
Singapore 7 Singapore D&B
Slovakia 7 Czech Republic D&B
Slovenia 4 Emerging Markets Center
Society Isles 10 Australia (Corre. Office)
Solomon Islands 10 Australia (Corre. Office)
Somalia 6 D&B North Africa
South Africa 5 South Africa ITC
Spain 6 Spain D&B
Sri Lanka 6 D&B SAME
Sudan 10 Emerging Markets Center
Suriname 10 LABIC
Svalbard & Jan Mayen 3 Norway D&B
Swaziland 10 TU ITC
Sweden 3 Sweden D&B
Switzerland 3 Switzerland D&B
Syria 6 D&B SAME
Tahiti 10 Australia (Corre. Office)
Taiwan 7 Taiwan D&B
Tajikistan 4 Emerging Markets Center
Tanzania 6 D&B North Africa
Thailand 10 Singapore (Corre. Office)
Togo 6 D&B North Africa
Tokelau Islands 10 Australia (Corre. Office)
Tonga 10 Australia (Corre. Office)
Trinidad & Tobago 10 LABIC
Trust Territory 10 Australia (Corre. Office)
Tunisia 6 D&B North Africa
Turkey 4 Emerging Markets Center
Turkish Rep. of Cyprus 4 Emerging Markets Center
Turkmenistan 4 Emerging Markets Center
Turks & Caicos 10 LABIC
Tuvalu 10 Australia (Corre. Office)
Uganda 6 D&B North Africa
United Kingdom 3 United Kingdom D&B
Ukraine 7 Emerging Markets Center
Umm-Al-Quwain - UAE 6 D&B SAME
Uruguay 10 Argentina (Corre. Office)
United States of America 5 - 7 USA D&B
US Minor Outlying Islands, Baker/Howland 10 Australia (Corre. Office)
Uzbekistan 4 Emerging Markets Center
Vanuatu 10 Australia (Corre. Office)
Vatican City 3 Italy D&B
Venezuela 10 LABIC
Vietnam 10 Singapore (Corre. Office)
American Virgin Islands 10 USA D&B
British Virgin Islands 10 LABIC
Wake Islands 10 Australia (Corre. Office)
Wales 3 United Kingdom D&B
Wallis and Futuna Island 7 France (Correspondent)
West Indies 10 LABIC
Western Sahara --- Not Reported on by D&B
Yemen 6 D&B SAME
Zaire 10 Emerging Markets Center
Zambia 6 D&B North Africa
Zimbabwe 10 TU ITC

An option exists to request a "priority" investigation, which will typically be completed in less time than a regular investigation. Investigations requested using the priority setting will incur an additional charge, and are dependent on the accessibility of information for the organization being requested (which may be impacted by the responsiveness of the organization).

Additional Details

Investigations initiated using the D&B Direct API may only be requested for the Business Information Report, although when the investigation is completed any data updated in the BIR will also be available in D&B Direct products that provide similar information.

Additional questions may be submitted (in the comments field) with the initial investigation request. Responses to these questions will be appended to the Business Information Report provided upon completion of the investigation.

When an investigation is requested on an in date case, please provide an explanation in the comments section. This is an operational requirement that ensures the local D&B Customer Service Center understands the expectations of the request.

If D&B is unable to locate the organization based on the information provided in the request, an Unable To Locate (UTL) report will be prepared and delivered.

Technical Specification

For details on how to implement this feature, please refer to the Investigation Service documentation.

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