How to Guides

These step-by-step guides are intended to help accelerate the implementation of D&B Direct API components. These materials are available for download in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.


An Introduction to D&B Direct 2.0 (SOAP or REST)

Provides an overview of the D&B Direct 2.0 API architecture, documentation and basic usage principles. Topics include Product Canonical Model (PCM) usage, Service Versions, Technology, Credentials, Authentication, D-U-N-S Numbers, and Solutions.

Products and Reports

How to Order D&B Data (SOAP or REST)

Explains the steps needed to successfully authenticate and retrieve data layers for companies (including small businesses) and company principals.

How to Order D&B Reports (SOAP or REST)

In addition to packaged data, the D&B Direct 2.0 API makes available several pre-formatted reports for download. This guide explains the steps needed to successfully access them.

Match and Cleanse

How to Resolve Entities using D&B Match (SOAP or REST)

The key to unlocking access to the D&B data and reports available via D&B Direct 2.0 is the D-U-N-S Number. This guide explains how to obtain this identifier for companies using a variety of criteria.

Customers & Contacts

How to Build Prospect Lists (SOAP or REST)

Whether you're trying to compile of list of prospective customers at the organization or company executive level, D&B Direct 2.0 offers powerful tools for performing these tasks. This guide will explain the steps involved in building lists and gives a brief overview of the types of filtering criteria available.

How to Screen for Compliance (SOAP or REST)

D&B Compliance Check is a powerful solution providing organizations advanced screening and monitoring of customers and suppliers. This guide explains the steps involved in registering subjects and retrieving any resulting compliance alerts.

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