October 25, 2013

The following changes were implemented to the Firmographic Product Service:

1. Business Elements added to Detailed Company Profile and Alternative Detailed Company Profile data layers.

Name Description XML* JSON*
Global Utimate Total Organization Employees A number that defines how many people are directly engaged and paid by the organization to perform or support its business operations. Includes employees in the entire global family tree, including all direct and indirect subsidiaries of the global ultima [C] SOAP REST
Major Industry Category A narrative description of the operations or activities of the business. Relates to the primary four-digit 1987 US SIC. In English. [C] SOAP REST
Number of Family Members Including Subsidiaries This is the number of linkages in the upward and downward directions of the entire Family tree that the subject belongs to, starting from Global Ultimate company. [C] SOAP REST
Transfer Date The date that the D-U-N-S number was deleted or transfered to a new D-U-N-S number. [C] SOAP REST
Transfer Reason Text An entry loop that repeats multiple times to allow the recording of changes to the D-U-N-S number over time. This section may include reasons for the change. [C] SOAP REST

To take advantage of these new features and/or business elements, please refer to Version 2.1 of the Firmographic Product Service.

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