Financial Product Service

Version 2.0 (API) / 3.0 (Service)

Version 3.1 of this service is now available. Details...


This D&B Direct service includes the following functionality. The respective SOAP and/or REST pages provide technical details including input parameters, responses and sample requests.

Function Operation / SOAP Resource / REST
Deliver a data layer. (see "Product (Data Layer) Details") OrderProduct() GET organizations/{DUNS}/products/{productID}
Deliver copies of previously ordered products. RetrieveProduct() GET assets/{assetID}/{productID}

The Order Product function provides data layers for a specific company, and requires a D-U-N-S Number {DUNS}, country code and one of the product codes {productID} listed in the Product (Data Layer) Details section.

The Retrieve Product function can be used to fetch previously obtained copies of data layers from the Product Request Archive by providing the asset identifier {assetID} returned from an Order Product request. The default archival period is 120 days, unless extended (up to 365 days) when the data layer is requested.

Product (Data Layer) Details

The following D&B products may be obtained by using this service. All D&B Direct product codes are case sensitive. The Product pages provide an overview, including the business elements (and definitions) delivered.

Title / Product Overview Link Product Code Monitoring Product Sample
Financial Statements FIN_ST_PLUS Yes XML JSON
Financial Highlights FIN_HGLT Yes XML JSON

Interfaces & Endpoints

D&B Direct implements version control at the web service level, in addition to the API level. This D&B Direct 2.0 {version} of the Financial Product Service is 3.0. When contacting D&B customer support, please provide both the API and Service version numbers. The following table(s) identify version-specific access points for the available API interfaces.


*There may be operations defined in the WSDL that are not available to D&B Direct customers at this time.

OrderProduct GET{version}/organizations/{DUNS}/products/{productID}
RetrieveProduct GET{version}/assets/{assetID}/{productID}

NOTE: While "organizations" is part of the REST OrderProduct URL, there is no service by this name. D&B Direct product-related calls have a similar structure; however, the {version} component is based on the service to which a given product is associated.

D&B Direct API calls must be made using Secured Socket Layers (SSL) as reflected in the preceding table(s).

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