Search & Build-a-List - Company

Returns a set of companies based on keyword, along with basic identifying data for each company.

Requirements & Options

There are several options available when implementing this D&B Direct feature.

1. Basic Search: An organization keyword is required in addition to setting the search mode to 'Basic' for a basic search request. The organization keyword will search the company names (past, present, synonyms and tradestyles) and stock ticker symbols.

Keyword search criteria are NOT case sensitive (i.e. "SAMPLE", "Sample" and "sample" will return the same results). Options exist to limit the search of either keyword criteria to specific fields. Multiple keywords may be specified in either keyword criteria field, separated by spaces.

This feature supports a wild card pattern in the keyword search criteria, which allows an asterisk to be appended to, embedded in, or placed at the start of the keyword parameter.

An optional D-U-N-S Number range may be provided when compiling lists in excess of 10,000 results.

2. Inclusion Rules: By default, organizations with certain operating conditions will be excluded from the results. An option is available to include the following: undeliverable address records, out of business records, incomplete data records, include non-marketable, include delisted (i.e. Do Not Call) and only non-marketable* businesses.

*In general, a record that meets the following criteria is considered marketable: it has been updated within the last 24 months; it contains a complete business name, valid physical or mailing address, and valid Standard Industry Classification Code; it is believed to be in business; and it has not been unlisted (i.e., the company has not requested to be exclude D&B's database).

3. Sorting Results: By default, the results from this service will be descending by Annual Sales. Optionally, both the sort direction and a primary sort field can be designated on the request.

4. Pagination: Options exist to designate the maximum number of records per request, and the starting row number. The maximum number of records this feature will return on a single request is 10,000. The default page length is 25 records.

The remaining options are available only in the advanced version (search mode set to 'Advanced') of this feature.

5. Geographic Proximity: Any combination of longitude+latitude coordinates or postal code, telephone number (full or partial) or street address may be passed to produce a list of matching organizations. By default the criteria provided will be applied using "AND" logic, however, an option is available to alternatively apply "OR" logic to the request.

When performing a search using longitude+latitude, a radius and scale (miles or kilometers) must be supplied. This option is only available when the country code specified is "US" or "CA".

When a postal code is provided, a country code must also be specified.

When providing a U.S. postal code as a criteria, leading zeros are required in the request. For example, "01234" is correct, while "1234" is not correct.

If a postal code is provided, this service will identify the longitude+latitude coordinates for the central point of the respective geographical area. This option is only applicable when the country code specified is "US".

When providing a telephone number as a criteria, exclude any non-numeric characters and spaces. (e.g. "(800) 555-1212" should be supplied as "8005551212")

6. Company Information: Filter for companies by location type, D&B Prescreen Score, ownership type, stock ticker and exchange, D-U-N-S Number, legal status, year of founding, subsidiary status, diversity status (minority owned, women owned and ethnicity classification), occupancy status (owns/rents), franchise status and foreign trade.

The D&B Prescreen Score indicates the likelihood of an account becoming severely delinquent with respect to paying its bills within the next 12 months. Criteria values may include: Low Risk, Medium Risk and High Risk.

7. Industry: Filter for companies by Hoover's Industries, SIC Codes, and NAIC Codes, either by a specific industry code or range. An option exists to search only on an organization's primary industry code.

8. Company Size: Filter for companies by sales, market cap, employees and facility size.

9. Financial Information: filter for companies by net income, assets, fiscal year end, auditors, and rankings/indices.

10. IPO Data: Filter for companies by IPO date, offer amount, price range and underwriters.

NOTE: The basic search option of this feature will be entitled/invoiced under a "Search/Lookup for Companies" data layer. The advanced search option will be entitled/invoiced under a "Detailed Search & Build-a-List - Company/Industry" data layer.

Business Elements

For each matching prospect, this feature will return the D-U-N-S Number, along with the following business elements:

Name Description XML* JSON*
Count of Publicly Traded Companies
Count of Upward Family Member Publicly Traded Companies
Country Code The ISO code for the country where the business is located. SOAP REST
D-U-N-S Number
Employee Quantity (All Locations)
Family Tree Member Role (HQ/Branch/Subsidiary)
Fax Number Main facsimile number of the business. SOAP REST
Industry Code This code represents the locally used activity code. These are generally regionally based industry identification systems. Examples include 1972 U.S. SIC, SBA, APE, and NACE. SOAP REST
Mailing Country Code The three digit code associated with the country name of the mailing address. SOAP REST
Mailing Postal Code The postal code where the business has its mail delivered. SOAP REST
Mailing Street Address
Mailing Territory Abbreviated Name
Mailing Territory Name
Mailing Town Name The mailing city associated with the mailing address. SOAP REST
Manufacturing Indicator Indicates whether or not manufacturing is done at this location. SOAP REST
Marketability Indicator Indicates whether or not the subject record satisfies D&B's global marketability rules SOAP REST
Postal Code Zip code from inquiry request SOAP REST
Primary Business Name
Publicly Traded Company Indicator
Sales Revenue Amount (US Dollars)
Standalone Organization Indicator
Stock Exchange Name A code used to identify the Stock Exchange at which the subjects Ticker Name is registered. SOAP REST
Stock Ticker Name
Street Address
Subject Handling Text
Telephone Number The subjects Telephone Number within the telephone exchange. E.g. 422000 for D&B, High Wycombe, UKThis will also include the exchange code in those countries where this is applicable.If the telephone number cannot be parsed into its component parts then the full number including any formatting should be populated to this element. SOAP REST
Telephone Number International Dialing Code International dialing code for country SOAP REST
Territory Abbreviated Name
Territory Name
Town Name The name of the city or town in which the business is physically located. SOAP REST
Trade Style Name
Upward Family Member Publicly Traded Company Indicator

*The links in this column provide technical characteristics for the data field characteristics of the respective business element in the XML (SOAP) or JSON (REST) response.

The preceding list is not presented in the order, nor manner, in which the information is packaged and delivered via the D&B Direct API.

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Documentation for Previous Version

Search & Build-a-List - Company (v4.0)

Technical Specification

For details on how to access this feature, please refer to the Entity List Service documentation.

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