Predictive Global Payment Risk - D&B Emerging Market Mediation Alert Score (EMMA)

An EMMA Score is a judgmental risk score developed for use in Emerging Markets, as an initial risk assessment tool, eventually to be replaced by an empirically derived score when sufficient data is present in that market. It utilizes all available commercial data on that company, and applies judgmental modeling methodologies and local market expertise to assign the proper weights.

Requirements & Options

When requesting this D&B Direct product, a valid D-U-N-S Number for a company, its country code, and the appropriate product code will be required. If this information is not available, refer to obtaining a company D-U-N-S Number for assistance. A trade up option exists to request data for the headquarters when the requested organization is a branch.

This product is only available for organizations domiciled in China, Mexico, Romania, Slovenia and Turkey.

NOTE: The product code for Predictive Global Payment Risk - D&B Emerging Market Mediation Alert Score (EMMA) is PGPR_EMMA. This product may be included in the Monitoring process.

Business Elements

The following table is an alphabetical list of the unique items delivered in this data layer. Legend: [C] = may be included in a Custom Data product; [M] = may be referenced by the Monitoring process; [M+] = Monitored using an aggregate or attribute XPath.

NOTE: This product will return a set of standard elements (e.g. D-U-N-S Number, Organization Name, Trade Styles, Family Tree Role, Primary Address, Mailing Address, Telephone Number, Fax Number, et al.) along with the business elements listed. In addition, customers who compare the following table to the Data Primer should be advised of several intentional differences.

Name Description XML* JSON*
Emerging Market Mediation Class Score A one digit number from 0 to 5 assigned to the business based on information in D&B's file. The higher the class score the greater the likelihood that the organization will have late payments or business failure [C] [M] SOAP REST
Emerging Market Mediation Commentary Text Text that explains the primary reasons the subject business was assigned the Emerging Market Mediation Score. [C] [M+] SOAP REST
Emerging Market Mediation Raw Score A numeric value that predicts late payment or business failure of an organization in an emerging market. [C] [M] SOAP REST
Emerging Market Score Date The date on which the Emerging Market Score was derived. [C] [M] SOAP REST
Emerging Market Score Model Version Number The numeric value specifying the version of the Emerging Market Mediation Score that was used for this organization. [C] [M] SOAP REST

*The links in this column provide the technical characteristics for the data field of the respective business element in the XML or JSON response.

The preceding list is not presented in the order, nor manner, in which the information is packaged and delivered via the D&B Direct API.

While data for a particular company may not contain values for all of the business elements, there may be items that are considered by D&B to be essential to yield the maximum benefit of a data layer. If any of these essential elements do not contain a value for a particular company, an error code will be returned, and your organization will not incur a usage credit for the request.

The Product Availability Lookup feature may be utilized to determine if this D&B Direct product is available for a given D-U-N-S Number.

Additional Details

The Emerging Market Mediation Alert (EMMA) is a country-specific, statistically based score that predicts the likelihood of a business in an emerging market to be problematic in paying its debts within twelve months from observation, and eventually going out-of-business.

Emerging markets do not have the pairings of trade behavior data and actual bankruptcy filings to pass D&B’s criteria for a standard delinquency or failure score. The EMMA score acknowledges that there are pockets of an emerging market’s database that are deserving of a risk score sooner, because such businesses are more popular as global suppliers and customers.

Access to this information is provided on a metered basis; and will require data layer entitlement prior to use in the production environment. A built-in feature exists to prevent duplicate billing when multiple requests with the same D-U-N-S Number and product code are submitted on the same calendar day (which is based on Eastern Standard Time [GMT-5]).

An option exists to retain the results from all successful requests for this product in a Product Request Archive, which may be retrieved without incurring additional usage charges.

Technical Specification

For details on how to obtain this data layer, please refer to the Assessment.OrderProduct (SOAP) or Assessment.OrderProduct (REST) page.

Product History

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