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Jason's Deli

Deli chain gains single customer view across software platforms.

Founded in 1976, Jason's Deli operates 250 restaurant delis across the US and employs more than 10,000 people. The Beaumont, TX-based company serves fresh, made-to-order meals and provides corporate catering services.

Goals of Project

  • Grow strategic partnerships
  • Reduce technical debt by relying on a cloud-based cache and datacenters
  • Expand into the enterprise ecosystem
"...designing an MDM strategy to provide a unified view of the customer would have been nearly impossible without D&B's comprehensive coverage of business data."

Chris Cosgrove
Enterprise Architect, Jason's Deli

Jason's Deli Case Study

The Challenge: Gaining a single customer view

Before signing on with D&B, Jason's Deli's paper-based sales process gave local sales managers (LSMs) no method for attributing sales activity to a specific customer. The company struggled with 4,000 unmatched accounts and a highly limited view of its customers as information flowed in from LSMs and customer contacts. It needed an automated solution to replace its manual process, thereby combining all leads in one system to sort company records, enrich data, and eliminate duplicates.

The Solution: D&B Direct provides better data quality

Once Jason's Deli had rolled out its POS and CRM systems, it selected D&B Direct's API solution to transform what had largely been a manual system. The company selected D&B over Infogroup, Jigsaw, OneSource, and AccuData, owing to D&B Direct’s efficient API solution that enabled unified duplicate records and overall higher-quality data. Furthermore, D&B Direct was the only API solution capable of batch-processing the customer's files in less than two days. As a result, LSMs spend less time digging through records and more time finding sales prospects and engaging with customers. At the end of the day, D&B's industry classifications proved far superior to those of Experian.

Master Data Management

Drive better business results from your MDM by streaming a single and comprehensive view.

Segmentation & Targeting Optimization

Find the best new prospects and opportunities in current accounts.

ROI: More sales, more correct data

Thanks to D&B Direct, Jason's Deli met a new customer sales goal months ahead of schedule and boosted sales. In addition, it corrected its data set, while the D&B first-pass match rate reached a significant percentage of records within the company's master data management (MDM) system.

"With hundreds of thousands of customers across the United States, designing an MDM strategy to provide a unified view of the customer would have been nearly impossible without D&B's comprehensive coverage of business data. The API access to this information has been likewise invaluable, speeding up integration processes and reducing cost of implementation and development." -- Chris Cosgrove, Enterprise Architect, Jason's Deli

D&B's best-in-class data has enabled Jason's Deli to perform company analytics, forecast sales, and make better-informed business decisions. As a result, the company now enjoys more refined customer acquisition and retention methods, revenue growth, and a profoundly improved sales process.

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