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Through access to D&B’s global database of more than 200 million business records, D&B Direct gives you the direct connection to focused and predictive supplier insights for smarter decisions across the entire supplier management lifecycle.

  • Certify suppliers to meet qualification criteria
  • Monitor supplier status and risk as they provide goods and services
  • Analyze suppliers to achieve accurate reporting standards and supply base optimization
  • Mitigate risks with suppliers and avoid supply chain disruption

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How do you use Data?

For Application Providers

Integrate D&B Direct data with other data sources or APIs to create useful applications for your customers. With more than 50 data points on companies and people, D&B Direct APIs provides flexibility to create new, innovative solutions.

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For Enterprises

D&B Direct enables you to custom integrate real-time, on-demand, quality information on companies, people and industries into enterprise-wide systems and workflows without storing the data.

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    In the Application Library you can find code developed by the D&B Direct team for our internal apps, as well as code sample submitted by our community members.

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